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Tonight I sit in front of my computer, not to write about Iaido, not to write about Bushido...

Why am I doing what I am doing? I still have not figured out why... It is nearly a year since this website has gone live. In the beginning, I really tried to keep up with regular blog posts, but "life gets in the way". Work, family commitments, actual Iaido classes... there just isn't enough time to take and edit photos/videos plus writing blogs on various Iaido topics. There are dozens of posts, blogs, websites, wikis, YouTube vids out there about 無双直伝英信流 居合道, that probably no one will see what I write nor care (ok except YOU, who is patiently reading this at the moment, so please continue!). I want to share my knowledge, understanding about Eishin-Ryu, as well as what I have learned in the process. I also want to talk about my views on all that is available online, share opinions and carry discussion with people. But I have always known that "everybody is a bleeping expert" and no one wants to hear what the other has to say. A member in my dojo has taught me this saying, "文無第一武無第二" which roughly translates to "there is no number one in the literary world and no number two in martial arts". I have tried to be very careful with comments I make in different groups on social media. I join these groups to see what is out there and to get a feel of how I can better my own school. Yet I find far more egos than maestros. Making comments in those social media groups is like stepping through a minefield! Not to count those phoney remarks/responses. You know the ones... Through these blog posts, I also want share my newest journey and adventures on Katana. More and more, I find

Japanese swords as such beautiful works of art, that I think I might become a collector some day! Of course, this requires a great deal more money and time, neither of which I have enough. Then again, what do I know about swords that will interest people... not a day full of self-confidence today. So why am I sitting here tonight writing this post...? I wish I could tell you. Except Iaido has been a big part of my life. I want it to be more popular here in Hong Kong. I want to let the world know what a fantastic teacher Shisho is and the cool stuff he has taught me. I want more people to learn about koryu kenjutsu (古流剣術) as I have learned from Shisho. I want to show people it is not a dying art performed by those too weak to actually fight, like they could in Kendo/MMA/Jujutsu/Karate/TKD etc. I want to show everyone a beautifully made Japanese sword is not just a weapon but it is also a symbol of one's own mental strength. Yes, this is what I want, and I guess this is what I will continue to do until I succeed. Perhaps, that should also be one of the virtues of Bushido.

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