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A 20 Year's Delay

I have been told to start an Iaido school in Hong Kong nearly 20 years ago by my teacher. I had all the excuses why I wasn't ready and that's what they were, excuses.

This year, I finally decided to do what I was told to do. This website is not the first step, but certainly one to make it known that Musokan Hong Kong Dojo is about to begin!

Like many other things in life, you really need put down all the fear or doubt, and take that proverbial first step. You won't know if you are ready until you do it, because chances are you have been ready all your life. My plan is simple. Share what I have learned and maybe someone else will find what I have found.

We will begin classes this September. In the future, we will expand to include a "Free Fight" session where dueling/combative techniques will be taught. For the time being, I will take that "First Step" I should have taken years ago!

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