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What mustn't be forgotten

礼式 礼は武道の根幹である。武道は礼に始まり礼に終わる。礼とは人間の敬意に基づく心の品節である。即ちあらゆるものに対する尊敬の至情の発露で常に敬いの念を内蔵して初めて礼を得ることが出来る。礼は心、儀は式である。正しき礼儀により心を修め、正しい心は礼儀となって現われる。武道は神術であるから礼を軽んじて武の道を行ってはいけない。斯道を志すものは誠を以て礼に終始専念すべきである。

This is a paragraph I had to memorise for my first grading examination (居合道昇段試験) nearly 20 years ago. I had typed it up and put in a frame ever since. Used to read it once a night so that I don't forget.

What it is essentially saying is that etiquette is essential in Martial arts and the development of the one practicing the art.

Reason for me to post this is that I have witnessed a lot of practitioners, supposedly with years of training to perfect their art, yet failing this first principle - respect. The respect for others of course, but the respect of self.

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