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Be like water (水五訓 )

水五訓 Mizugokun (Five Principles of Water)

自ら流動して他を動かしむるは水なり - Flowing by itself moving others, that is WATER.

障害に遭いてその力を百倍し得るは水なり - Facing obstacles with 100 times more power, that is WATER.

常に己の進路を求めて止まらざるは水なり - Always pursuing its own path without stopping, that is WATER.

自らを清くして他の汚れを洗い清濁併せ容るるの器量あるは水なり - Being clean itself and able to clean others, that is WATER.

水は方円の器に従い洋々として大海を充たし発しては蒸気となり雲となり雨となり 雪と変じ霰と化し凝っては玲瓏たる鏡となりたえるも其性を失わざるは水なり - Able to fit in containers of all shapes and sizes and can fill oceans at the same time, vaporises to become mist, clouds then rain, turning into snow and ice that is dazzling like mirrors, but through it all its true nature never changes, that is WATER.

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