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If you have travelled far and long, you may one day forget what you had left behind.

"Life is in itself a journey." This cliché has been thrown around many times, but it is not wrong. We spend so much time looking to the future or try to improve ourselves, sometimes, we may find it tiring. Occasionally, you may even ask yourself "why!?" I find myself asking that question more frequently than I care to admit. Although I have no answer to it, but looking back at where I had started, I have done more than I had thought possible in the beginning. I don't think of myself as one that dwells in the past, but looking back often give me a sense of encouragement. Once in a while, I even find that there are areas where I can improve upon. Yet, one thing I have found looking to the past is that the answer isn't there. While still very much lacking in answers, I find my only logical course is to continue. I can certainly change the direction of my journey, but going backwards is never an option.

Until I can find a reason to stop, I think I best get right back on the road.

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